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A brief analysis of the functions and publicity features of all kinds of advertising umbrellas


Seventy percent off umbrella:

Efficiency: according to different cloth, the umbrella can effectively avoid ultraviolet radiation to human body in sunlight, and also can be used as a general umbrella to prevent rain.

Features: according to the user's different, the umbrella can be eighty percent off, seventy percent off, sixty percent off, half off and many other formats.

The biggest feature of the folding umbrella is the convenience, application and folding, and the minimum length is only 17.50CM at present. Small size, very convenient to carry, can be put in a portable handbag, also can be put in the pocket, at any time to facilitate your use. At the same time, the advertisement on the umbrella began to spread all over every corner of the umbrella. I plant the production of high carbon solid skeleton the umbrella has very high practical value.

Advertising gift straight umbrella:

Function: the effective prevention of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun to the human body, the umbrella factory.

Features: the umbrella is very convenient to open. Only a small switch, a tiny click, can be opened, and it's very convenient. As a gift of the enterprise, the advertising effect is strong and the influence is strong. In particular, the curved handle umbrella can also be used as a crutches for the elderly.

Golf umbrella:

Function: anti ultraviolet, can be used as an umbrella.

Characteristics: in all umbrellas, it is always a noble and elegant role, and has always been in the position of the umbrella old man. The umbrella of the umbrella is large, the effect of windproof is good, the gift umbrella, if all the umbrella is blown over the whole wind, will not be destroyed. Golf umbrellas are mostly used in airports, golf fields, high grade crowds, umbrella factories.

Sun umbrella:

Function: suitable for outdoor use alone, large umbrella type, large advertising area, windbreak, sun protection and rain protection, table and chair under umbrella, suitable for outdoor promotional activities and large and medium-sized performances.

Features: the effect of advertising is impressive.