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What kind of sun umbrella has good effect on sunscreen


Generally speaking, when you choose the sun umbrella, we should judge whether an umbrella is suitable for yourself by the following aspects:
1. sunscreen index (anti ultraviolet index)
2. transmittance
3. umbrella fabric
4. ribs
5. style
6. their own preferences, such as ultra light, nano, all-weather and small etc....
The concept of easy mixing: anti ultraviolet and light transmittance people often mix two concepts when judging whether an umbrella is sunscreen: anti ultraviolet and light transmittance. These two are completely different, and we must remember. The sun's ultraviolet rays and ordinary light wavelength is different, and the ultraviolet radiation is invisible, if you hit a black umbrella, will feel under the umbrella of the dark, to give people the feeling will feel the sun, but if you hit an umbrella sitting day's fishing. You will find that you will be sunburn, skin will be red) so even molt: if you go to the mall to buy an umbrella, there will be a lot of salesperson to tell you your umbrella to the light, if you don't see the light that this is a good sunscreen effect, then you will hear this sentence be careful, that this is not necessarily umbrella as they say: Oh) well, get to the point, to a sun umbrella, sunscreen, SPF is mainly depends on the UV index, the higher the index of sunscreen effect is better, the umbrella in the regular brand The home will require each umbrella and indicate the corresponding SPF (here, a word: in accordance with national requirements, the umbrella label should be marked with SPF, umbrella fabric, rib composition and umbrella size) so you in the selection of the time to find a regular brands, two check off related index cards the. So when it comes to transmittance, the index is also very important, because the sun umbrella in the condition of use is under strong light, so the human experience is very important, high transmittance of the sun umbrella, will let you feel the sunlight is dazzling, but the transmittance low sun umbrella will make people feel no strong sunlight this is a subjective feeling, and the corresponding light transmittance, with anti ultraviolet any relationship. So what's the connection between the two and how do you choose sunscreen according to these two points? The production process and the main anti UV umbrella fabric and fabric, generally we read the article above we may know, the best TC and cotton fabric with silver sunscreen effect, but everything has certain shortcomings, anti ultraviolet cotton but not waterproof, if suddenly caught in the rain, the is in trouble, but the cotton umbrella is not easy to clean, once dirty, clean is a very troublesome thing:) process depends on the silver silver tape, now generally brush silver and silver steamed, steamed silver silver glue is the use of high temperature steam steamed up, more uniform, but even if is the silver colloid have distinction, divided into two layers and four layers of silver and silver, of course, we see that the four layer of silver, the sunscreen effect must be higher than two): the comparison between the two kinds of easy, everyone through It can be distinguished from the naked eye: but the biggest drawback of silver tape is that it takes off time, and the umbrella is used for a long time. The silver glue on the folding part will always fall off. In general, the high-quality umbrella glue is very good, and it will only drop a little bit with a long time. But the inferior umbrella will not, and some of the rainy days, the silver glue will fall. Then we will be in a fancy umbrella have multiple color choices when the umbrella, then the same umbrella fabric, there are differences between different colors, this time we should use the transmission rate, transmission rate is high, the umbrella light will be more dazzling, people will feel more heat, the light transmission rate is low people will feel more cool, light color, umbrella deep low, umbrella light light color rate is high, which we should note): because many of my friends said to us, she will feel the dark heat umbrella, sunscreen will feel bad, but it's not:)
Ok! Let's sum up this section:)

To choose a sunscreen for sunscreen, the main thing is to watch the anti ultraviolet index, and to achieve the feeling of your own use according to the different transmittance.