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Fabric characteristics of sunshade


At present, the sun umbrella is used as a conventional cloth, mainly polyester fabric. Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers, and is the commodity name of China's polyester fiber. Polyester can be used as a conventional sunshade cloth, because it has the following characteristics:

First, the intensity is high. The impact strength is 4 times higher than that of nylon, and 20 times higher than that of viscose fiber.


Second. Good elasticity. The elasticity is close to the wool, and when the elongation is 5% to 6%, it can almost completely recover. The durability exceeds the other fibers, that is, the fabric is not crease, and the dimensional stability is good. The elasticity is 2~3 times higher than that of the polyamide fiber. Do the sunshade for the courtyard used, want to shut it off when there is no sun, want to leave, but did not bring out the outdoor wrinkling; don't wrinkle, fold.


Third, good heat resistance. In the summer, the shade in the yard of his home under the sunshade, while breathing the breath of nature, and enjoy the pleasures, is indeed a great pleasure in life.


Fourth. The water absorbability is good. Sunshade can be put in the outdoor for a long time, and because it is not afraid of the rain, it can cover the wind and shelter the rain.


Fifth, good wear resistance. Wear resistance is second to the best wear resistance nylon, better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.


Sixth, good light resistance. It can resist the strong sun umbrella, and it can take a good role in the sun shading.


Seventh. Corrosion resistance. Resistance to bleaching agent, oxidizing agent, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acid. Alkali resistant, not afraid of mould, but hot alkali can make it decompose. This is both simple and convenient for the scrubbing sunshade.


Eighth. Dyeability is poor. Because of its inherent shortcomings, can not meet all the customers of color preference choice, although the color can not be diversiform, but dozens of colors at least conventional or to meet the general needs of the people, I believe that in the future technology era, dyeing polyester can certainly can greatly improve the.