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Make sure that there is someone around before you open the umbrella


The rainy days in summer always make people feel a little cool, and people will choose an umbrella when they travel. However, if you do not pay attention to the etiquette during the use of an umbrella, it is likely to make others feel unpleasant. How do you do the umbrella etiquette in the rain? To confirm there is no one around to open the umbrella before, especially a key to open the umbrella, umbrella tip to other people's face may open a serious accident, if there is water on the umbrella, the umbrella will open a Lianshui splashed on the others, so no one place to open slowly. The same is the case when the umbrella is collected, and be careful not to sideward the umbrella. Men and women share one umbrella, man should take the initiative to lady umbrella, to a gentleman. In the umbrella, do not rotate the umbrella, so as to avoid splashing around a body of rain. Before entering a house or company, should be placed on the outside of the umbrella stem controlled water, then put into a vertical umbrella umbrella stand; if no umbrella, should put portable plastic bag or umbrella bag.