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Do you really choose sunshade for sunscreen sunscreen?


To enter the summer, go out every day to face the hot sun, which also brings a lot of trouble to the beauty of women. As a result, taking a sunscreen out of the door has also become one of the main ways women choose sunscreen. So, how do you choose a better sunscreen in a dazzling sunscreen on the market?

The lower the transmittance, the better the effect of sunscreen

There are various kinds of materials in the parachute on the market, such as cotton, silk, nylon, plastic, chemical fiber and polyester. And in recent years we have been in the streets of sunscreen, mainly made of two materials, one named "chameleon", the other is a lace umbrella.

Chameleon material's sun protection umbrellas are not expensive, but a few hundred yuan is also nearly thousand yuan, which is known as a special UV treatment, blocking more than ninety percent of ultraviolet. In fact, the main use of the umbrella fabric is nylon, manufacturers only through special textile technology to realize the positive and negative sides of different colors, and joined them in different colors of bright silk, the umbrella surface rotates the reflection effect, it is because of such technology, so many manufacturers loopholes.

The other is the sunscreen parachute, which is very hot for two years! However, this kind of umbrella is beautiful, but the effect of sunscreen is not so good.  Because the lace does not have any anti ultraviolet function, to prevent ultraviolet light depends on the bottom of the umbrella surface, and the main material of the umbrella is nylon. So, what about the sunscreen effect of nylon? Nylon cloth will not be deformed, dyed, and very light, but for sunscreen, it only reduces the penetration of light.

Sunshade with better sun protection effect has thicker umbrella surface. The fabric with closer fabric has better UV resistance. Compared with cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester is more sunscreen. If you want to know the sun's sunscreen effect, try it in the sun. The deeper the shadow and the lower the transmittance, the better the effect of sunscreen.

Under the same fabric condition, the dark umbrella has better UV protection effect. The dark umbrella cloth can block up 95% UVA (long wave black spot effect ultraviolet). The reflection area of the umbrella, umbrella cloth surface black coating, again to avoid reflection UVA to face the ground.

The greater the area of the umbrella, the better the effect of ultraviolet light

Sunscreen is mainly the protection index, UPF and UVA value, only UPF more than 40, and UVA transmission rate is less than 5%, can be known as anti ultraviolet products. The greater the UPF value, the better its anti ultraviolet performance will be. In general, the market most sun umbrella is marked as "UPF50", its protective function has good enough.

In addition, the ultraviolet radiation is irradiated in all directions, if the larger the area, the better to resist the ultraviolet. So, it's best to take a look at the size of the area when you pick it up.

An upright umbrella with a better effect of sunscreen

The umbrella position will not affect the shading effect? According to the habits of people in real life will be an umbrella, as the target in the face, then to erect and shoulder two umbrella posture simulation, comparison of two kinds of umbrella which posture has better sunscreen effect.

Through experiments, when people take the posture of upright holding umbrella, the umbrella covers a wider range. Besides covering the direct sunlight, the surrounding environment reflects less light to the face. Therefore, in the sun, holding the umbrella upright than to shoulder the way sunscreen effect is better.